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What is Bobba World?

Bobba World is a free virtual kingdom where you can walk, talk, dance and meet friends from all walks of life. Create your own empire and compete against other players for a chance at glory!.

What can you do in Bobba World?

In Bobba WorldThe possibilies are endless... rooms, quests, mini-games, friends... bobbaWorld has it all to offer. Let your imagination run wild, its just like you are a child again!

More than only games...

Show off your unique style - create and design... Want to be the architect of the century? We have everything you could possibly want in a catalog! Show off to the community- there are endless opportunities to have your rooms, quests and games featured in the game. Competitions and events here are endless- you will find something new every day- something unique that no other hotel has to offer. There is something for everybody here.